C-50 Graphite Crucible Plug for Neutec® Casting Machines


This five-hole crucible plug, made with high-grade C-50 graphite, fits into the grain-making crucible of your Neutec® J-zF™, 510™, 515™, 610 or 615™ castin machine and regulates the flow of molten metal to optimize grain size and uniformity. C-50 graphite, created using isostatic pressure, a process that makes the material significantly more dense and therefore less absorptive, is ideal for working with white gold and high-karat yellow gold (18-karat and higher). The denser graphite stands up better against their solvent characteristics to deliver a longer service life when used with these metals.

  • Brand : Neutec
  • Material : C-50 graphite
  • Model or style no. : J-zF™, 510™, 515™, 610™, 615™
  • Country of origin : United States

Catalog page: 2006 Tools and Equipment Catalog p. 419