C-20 Graphite Alloying Crucible for GrainPro


This economical C-20 graphite crucible is created from an extruded graphite material that's well suited to working with silver, lower-karat yellow gold (14-karat or less), brass, bronze and other copper-based alloys. For white gold or higher-karat yellow gold, choose a crucible made from denser C-50 graphite. Graphite crucibles help scavenge any remaining oxygen from your melt, reducing oxidation of the metal and delivering cleaner alloy and grain. With one 1.8mm hole, this crucible is used for alloying and making batches of casting grain.

  • Brand : Neutec
  • Dimensions : 148mmH x 118mm dia.
  • Material : C-20 graphite
  • Model or style no. : GrainPro
  • Country of origin : United States