This bronze gallery-wire bezel cup holds one 8mm round cabochon, flat-back stone, or crystal. With walls modeled from decorative gallery wire, this bezel cup adds distinctive flair to any design. This bezel is a great choice for jewelry designs made with bronze, base metal, or copper. Bezel cups provide an easy way to set your stones and finish with clean lines and professional-looking results. Use with stone or glass cabochons, for flat-back stones or crystals, or with resins to create everything from earrings to cuff links to pendants. Simply solder the bezel cup to a finding or design, and set as desired.

  • Fabrication method : Cast
  • Style : Bezel cup
  • Wall height : 3.1mm
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Metal type : Bronze
  • Mounting/bezel size(s) : 8mm
  • Metal color : Yellow
  • Stone(s) shape : Round
  • Jewelry Type : Settings

Please Note: • Bezel cups are manufactured to the size advertised or may be slightly oversized because we know building up an undersized stone is easier and offers better results than forcing a bezel to accept an overly large stone. Please be aware that, due to stone-cutting tolerances, this cup may not accommodate all like-sized stones.
• This bronze component is raw and will patina naturally over time; to maintain the desired color, please lacquer raw bronze components.
• Customers within the European Union: Please be aware that this item does not contain nickel and is in compliance with EU regulation EN1811:2011+A1:2015.

Catalog page: 2019-2020 Gems and Findings & Display and Packaging Catalog p.620