Bronze 10 x 8mm Oval Component Mounting
Alternate Text Bronze 10 x 8mm Oval Component Mounting


This bronze bezel component mounting holds a 10 x 8mm oval cabochon and features two loops on the back that accommodate leather or fabric cord up to 1.5mm thick; use jeweler's epoxy to secure the stone in place. After setting the stone, string the component onto two pairs of cords as a decorative element, crimping the loops securely closed around the cords. String several components onto multi-strand bracelet designs, alternating their placement among the strands to create an intricate woven look.

  • Dimensions : 12.1 x 10.2mm
  • Fabrication method : Cast
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Metal type : Bronze
  • Ring(s) ID : .059"
  • Mounting/bezel size(s) : 10 x 8mm
  • Shape : Oval
  • Metal color : Yellow
  • Jewelry Type : Components
  • Style : Glue-in mounting

Please Note: • If gluing a cabochon into the mounting, allow the jeweler's epoxy to dry completely before stringing the component onto cord.
• This bronze component is raw and will patina naturally over time; to maintain the desired color, please lacquer raw bronze components.
• Customers within the European Union: Please be aware that this item does not contain nickel and is in compliance with EU regulation EN1811:2011+A1:2015.

Catalog page: 2017-2018 Gems and Findings & Display and Packaging Catalog p.630