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The Artistic Wire® Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo allows you to coil wire in longer and larger coils and combine and layer them in amazing ways for your wire-wrapped designs (wire is not included). Clamp the Gizmo bench-mount winder and support brackets to your work surface, then insert one of the five mandrels into the brackets. One bracket features a chuck and winder; the other features support holes. The mandrels are 16-1/2" long, with approximately 15" of winding length, in 1, 2.5, 3, 5 and 7mm diameters. The mandrels are effective on all wire gauges of Artistic, German-style, coated, and fabrication wire. Create coils that form beads, components, or can be coiled around other lengths of wire. Full instructions are included.
Patent #5,927,059
• Use the swivel attachment (included) to form your coil around a length of wire instead of a mandrel to create gorgeous complementary or contrasting color combinations.
• Create your own jump rings to weave into chain mail or to form chain lengths to use in your wire designs—rings you make yourself coordinate perfectly to ensure you end up with the design you envision.
• Add a wood ring clamp (113-105) to create especially tight coils.
• Use mandrels from your Conetastic tool (116-539) in the chuck of the professional Gizmo to create smooth, snug wire cones with a few turns on the crank handle.
• Try stringing beads onto your wire before coiling it with the Spin-N-Bead (635-333) for another design option.
To set up the professional deluxe Coiling Gizmo, mount the C-clamp on the winding bracket (with the chuck) to your work surface and tighten it into place. Loosely attach the C-clamp of the support bracket to your work surface about 15" away from the chuck on the winding bracket (opposite the handle side). Select a mandrel and slide it into and through the holes in the support bracket. Insert the mandrel end into the chuck and tighten. Adjust the position of the support bracket to align with the other end of the mandrel and tighten it in place.

To use the Gizmo, insert the end of your wire into the chuck and bend it down against the mandrel and begin turning the handle, holding the wire firmly against the mandrel with your thumb (or a wood ring clamp) as you turn.

To use the swivel attachment, open the attachment (just as you'd open a safety pin) and thread it though the inside hole on the support bracket so that the swivel extends toward the winding bracket. Insert the end of your wire through the loop on the swivel and secure it with a turn or two around the wire (as you'd close a twist-tie). Lead the wire across to the winding bracket and clip the wire with enough excess to allow you to secure the wire in the chuck. Insert and secure the wire in the chuck. If necessary, adjust the position of the support bracket to make the wire taut. Then wind your coil as usual.

  • Brand : Artistic Wire
  • Country of origin : China

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p. 865