BlueBird Turquoise™, mined in Kingman, Arizona, displays a vivid robin's egg blue color with minimal matrix. What little matrix is present tends to be fine and varies from light to dark gray color, making each stone unique and ideal for custom designs. Turquoise is one of the birthstones for December.

Turquoise is a soft, opaque gemstone that takes a good polish. The color of this variety comes from the presence of copper. Natural turquoise is untreated, chemically or otherwise. Treatments for turquoise include electrochemical enhancement to improve color and stabilization with resin that darken and harden stone. Individual types of turquoise are usually named according to their source.

Rio is proud to offer the American Mined™ Collection, a growing selection of gemstones sourced from mines located here in America. These gemstones consistently present the excellent color, clarity and quality we look for in every stone we offer you. Each of these gemstones allows us to provide a clear, documentable path from the mine to your bench; you and your customers can be confident that every one is mined, cut and processed under conditions that meet all standards for worker safety, environmental protection and responsible production.

  • Cutting Center : China
  • Mineral source : Arizona, U.S.
  • Brand : American Mined
  • Stone(s) shape : Round
  • Material : Turquoise
  • Stone type : Natural
  • Color : Robin's Egg Blue
  • Mohs hardness : 5–6
  • Refractive index : 1.61
  • Enhancement : Stabilized (S)
  • Specific gravity (g/cm3) : 2.89
  • Stone type : Natural

Please Note:

• Care: Clean with warm, soapy water; never clean using steam or ultrasonics.
• Mined in America, this gemstone material is sent to Germany for cutting.

Catalog page: 2019-2020 Gems and Findings & Display and Packaging Catalog p.737