14K Yellow Gold Casting Grain
Alternate Text 14K Yellow Gold Casting Grain

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Get professional, repeatable results with this 14-karat yellow gold casting grain. Formulated with deoxidants so you can mix 50% casting scrap with new grain and still get good results. Special additives help prevent firescale and ensure a bright gold color.

Because it is professionally produced, you can count on consistent, repeatable quality and composition over time.

Sold by the pennyweight (dwt.), minimum purchase is 0.2 dwt.

Any casting method.

Casting and Cleaning
In general, your casting temperature should be 100˚F (37.7˚C) above the liquidus point (somewhat hotter if the castings are intricate). Use a small amount of high-quality flux when melting with an open flame. We recommend Matt’s Casting Flux™. For further cleaning, mechanical means are recommended.

If you plan to re-use gold castings, remove the copper oxides from the surface in a pickling solution or by mechanical means. We recommend a minimum 1:1 ratio of new grain to used gold. All re-used gold should be clean and free of debris.

All ingredients are kept in an oxygen-reduced atmosphere during the melting and pouring process to ensure optimum deoxidation.

  • Specific gravity (g/cm3) : 13
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Karat : 14K
  • Form : Casting grain
  • Solidus (melt) temperature : 1,467°F (797°C)
  • Liquidus (flow) temperature : 1,605°F (874°C)
  • Metal type : Gold
Additional Specifications:
  • • Composition: Gold, copper, silver, zinc and silicon

Please Note: • Casting temperatures are approximate; adjust for your particular alloy and application.
• Due to the manufacturing process of casting grain, the grain will vary in shape and size.
• For more information regarding the use or composition of this material, please refer to the reference sheet provided below.
• We strive to measure quantities ordered as closely as possible; however, due to manufacturing tolerances at the mill, please allow for a ±10% variance when ordering.

Catalog page: 2020-2021 Tools and Equipment Catalog p. 770