14/20 Yellow Gold-Filled Screw Eye Component


This 14/20 yellow gold-filled component mounting (also called a screw eye) features a cup & peg and is ideal for creating a pearl pendant or pearl earring drops. Set the mounting with one half-drilled pearl or bead. Use jeweler’s epoxy to secure the bead or pearl on the peg; the twisted peg provides more surface area for the epoxy, helping to create a stronger connection. Gold-filled components deliver karat gold at a more affordable cost than solid gold, allowing you to design with the touch of precious metal customers look for and to offer your designs at a price customers appreciate.

  • Cup size : 4mm
  • Fabrication method : Fabricated
  • Country of origin : United States
  • Metal type : Gold-filled
  • Karat : 14/20
  • Peg diameter : .033"
  • Peg length : .085" (2.16mm)
  • Ring(s) ID : 0.037" (0.94mm)
  • Peg size : .033"
  • Jewelry Type : Components
  • Style : Pearl mounting

Please Note: • Pearls for cup and peg settings should be at least 2mm larger than the cup size.
• This screw eye features a base metal peg; the pegs are not manufactured in precious metal because that portion of the screw eye will be enclosed in the finished product and is considered an exempt item under Federal Trade Commission standard #67-38.

Catalog page: 2019-2020 Gems and Findings & Display and Packaging Catalog p. 221