14/20 Yellow Gold-Filled 5mm Pearl Post Earring Mounting


This 14/20 yellow gold-filled post earring features a cup & peg mounting. Complete the earring with a half-drilled pearl or gem ball, secured in place using jeweler's epoxy. The friction post features a groove that helps provide a secure and comfortable fit; post earrings require an ear nut to keep the post in place. Gold-filled earrings deliver karat gold at a more affordable cost than solid gold, allowing you to design with the touch of precious metal customers look for and to offer your designs at a price customers appreciate.

  • Country of origin : United States
  • Metal type : Gold-filled
  • Karat : 14/20
  • Peg diameter : .03"
  • Post diameter : .028" (0.71mm)
  • Post length : 3/8"
  • Wire size : .028"
  • Peg length : .091" (2.31mm)
  • Peg size : 0.77 x 2.3mm
  • Fabrication method : Fabricated
  • Style : Ear post
  • Jewelry Type : Earrings

Please Note: • Pearls for cup settings should generally be at least 2mm larger than the cup size.