This 12/20 yellow gold-filled hollow toggle clasp is made from tubing, making it lightweight and comfortable. Featuring a twist-pattern design with button ends and a bright finish, the clasp complements a variety of jewelry designs. A toggle clasp is a two-part clasp consisting of a ring and a bar. The bar end requires a short length of chain to allow it to slide lengthwise through the ring, then turn sideways so that it cannot fit back through the ring, effectively closing the jewelry piece. To open, the bar is simply pulled further through the ring just far enough to allow it to turn lengthwise again and slide back through the ring. Gold-filled clasps deliver karat gold at a more affordable cost than solid gold, allowing you to design with the touch of precious metal customers look for and to offer your designs at a price customers appreciate.

  • Clasp type : Toggle
  • Overall length/dimensions : 20.8mm
  • Fabrication method : Fabricated
  • Country of origin : Israel
  • Width : 28.3mm
  • Karat : 12/20
  • No. of strands : 1-strand
  • Ring(s) ID : 0.098" (2.49mm)
  • Metal type : Gold-filled
  • Jewelry Type : Clasps
Additional Specifications:
  • • 28.3mm (bar width)
    • 16.5mm (ring OD)

Please Note: • Overall length indicates the length added to your strand by the clasp.
• When attaching a toggle clasp, ensure there is enough slack at the bar end to allow the bar to clear the ring and seat properly.

Catalog page: 2019-2020 Gems and Findings & Display and Packaging Catalog p. 249