Three 3D models of a ring at different stages of the design and rendering process

Technical or Organic? Yes.

Sculpt organic designs with the fluidity of wax carving and the freedom of CAD. ZBrush offers jewelers accessible tools for bringing a human touch to digital production. With origins in gaming environments and cinematic special effects, ZBrush lets you capture every nuance of your inspiration. Discover software with a soul.

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Hand-Crafted Artistry

Start with digital mesh, and use brushes and other tools to shape and reshape your design. Create natural, perfect curves, or import and embellish existing designs. Customize with texture and ornamentation. ZBrush brings the most elemental aspects of jewelry-making to your screen, with instant iterations. Make pieces that are meaningfully different with a human feel and organic aesthetic.

Animation of a sculptural ring being designed in ZBrush

Real-World Feel

“Zbrush is the ultimate in 3D sculpting with endless tools to create the organic feel you’re looking for.”

Scott Bradford, Rio Grande Jewelry Tech Team

“The artistic mind will love ZBrush—the design process is very close to wax carving. It lets you create jewelry that’s truly different from the rest.”

Nacho Riesco, Master Jeweler and ZBrush Instructor
'Nest' ring by Stanislav Drokin

Creative Community

Get free access to Pixologic’s ZClassroom and learn from your fellow jewelers in the vibrant ZBrush online community. ZClassroom videos walk you through different functionalities and offer follow-along projects. Jewelers post their experiences in forums, from lessons learned to custom brushes they’ve developed. Enter the world of ZBrush and you’ll never look back.

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Jeweler designing a typographical pendant in ZBrush

Value & Longevity

Enjoy exponential artistic options for a lifetime, at a fraction of the cost of similar programs. A one-time cost under $900 equips you to reinvent your jewelry designs for years to come. Invest in evolution and agility.

Bring Handmade Artistry to Digital Production

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