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Save Time, Spare Your Hands

Save time and protect your most important tools—your hands—when you choose Swanstrom. Crafted to deliver precise, consistent results over decades of service. Engineered to keep you comfortable and productive. Equip your bench with solutions designed to make jewelers' lives easier.

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Various Swanstrom pliers

Precise Pliers and Cutters

Make controlled bends and get up to 1,000,000 clean cuts with minimal muscle. Smooth, precision-ground surfaces grip metal firmly without marring.

Wide, curved handles with latex-free Soft-Touch® balance pressure across your hand. A black oxide, anti-glare finish minimizes eye fatigue and prevents corrosion. Perform detailed work for hours, with hand tools you'll have for years.

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Dependable Disc Cutters

Cut quick, crisp shapes that release easily. A lock-down mechanism clamps your metal to prevent distortion and keeps your fingers out of the way. Punches machined to exacting tolerances produce smooth edges requiring minimal clean up. Grab your brass mallet, strike twice, and experience the disc cutter that outperforms them all.

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Swanstrom disc cutter and several silver stampings
Swanstrom forming anvil

An Anvil that Adapts

Seamlessly switch between small forming jobs with this modular must-have. Includes four interchangeable mandrels to deliver versatility. A range of accessories offers exponential options. Hardened tool steel delivers a long service life with curves and edges that remain true. Customize this compact work surface and shape metal at your bench or on the road.

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Equip your bench with efficient & ergonomic solutions from Swanstrom.

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