Equality and Equity

As we celebrate how the passion for jewelry-making transcends race, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation, we also recognize the realities of systemic injustice. At Rio Grande, we have long aspired to be an ally and advocate for equality and equity. Discrimination has absolutely no place here. Building a more just world requires ongoing work and we continue to hold ourselves accountable.

Diverse group of jewelers illustration

Representation and Inclusion

Our goal is for everyone we engage with to see themselves represented and included in Rio Grande’s business and platforms, from our day-to-day operations to our online content. We will keep listening, learning and reaching out to make that happen.

Our Principles

Rio Grande has 15 principles that guide our business. Two are particularly relevant to dismantling systemic injustices:

#5 Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
#13 Take responsibility for your part in each life experience and learn from it.

Here's how we use those principles to create a more just environment:

  • We are open about our values and seek out partnerships that align to them.
  • We use platform to promote and celebrate diversity throughout the jewelry industry.
  • We ensure that leadership training helps create champions of diversity across our organization.
  • We contribute to organizations that support the underserved in the jewelry industry, here in the Albuquerque community, and around the world.

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