Shane Hendren

Sculpture with a Context

Shane Hendren

Shane Hendren grew up on a ranch in New Mexico, where he rode a horse every single day. It was all he wanted to do. He had to take an elective in high school and thought that the metalsmithing class sounded like an easy A. Nearly 25 years later, he’s still perfecting the skills he learned in that class that changed the course of his life.

He thinks of his jewelry as “sculpture with a context.” If it doesn’t fit right, if it doesn’t move with the body, if it doesn’t complement its wearer, it’s not succeeding. “Jewelry should be like a good saddle,” he says. “Comfortable. You almost shouldn’t know it’s there.”

A frequent exhibitor and award winner at the Santa Fe Indian Market, Shane creates silver and stone pieces that reflect his Native culture.

Shane Hendren Sawing
Shane Hendren's Studio