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Account Executives

We're here with the complete support and dedicated service you need, anywhere in the world. Our account executives can help your business flourish with answers to your questions, sales information, and resources across the network. Need service parts and consumables? They're available with same-day shipping. Ask us for anything you need, and we'll make sure you get it.

Vanessa Ardon

Vanessa Ardón Email link

Vanessa has represented Rio Grande for over two decades, during which time she has cemented her expertise in business-to-business transactions, account management and retention services. Production and large manufacturing are her passions. Vanessa is also bilingual in English and Spanish, which helps her effectively build relationships with manufacturers in Mexico, South America, and beyond. "My desire is to continue informing and demonstrating that investing in Neutec®technology is the best decision any lost wax caster can make," she says.

Laura Muratori

Laura Muratori Email link

Laura is the lead account representative for the Neutec® Dealer Network, where she is passionate about building relationships and helping her clients grow and succeed. As a driving force behind the Dealer Network, her tasks can include coordinating Neutec R&D with our university lab partner in Bangkok, Thailand, or organizing trainings for new dealers in New Mexico, USA. Laura is excellent at listening to the needs of her domestic and international customers, aligning them with innovative solutions, and taking action to help them achieve their goals.

Bruce Tarbox

Bruce Tarbox Email link

Bruce joined Rio in 1999. His background in metal work, jewelry design and manufacturing allow him to work effectively with medium- to large-scale manufacturers across the globe—and especially with the people who put Neutec® machines to the test day after day. "I love being able to work with my customers to help them become as successful as possible," he says.

Charlie Wilhite

Charlie Wilhite Email link

With almost 40 years at Rio Grande, Charlie has extensive experience in customer service and is well-versed in domestic and international sales and logistics. Charlie's specialty is assisting the Neutec® Dealer Network and other capital expenditure clients with business transaction investments.

Field Service Engineers

Our factory-certified dealer technicians are available worldwide with expert advice. With decades of hands-on experience, there is no faster or more certain resource for your manufacturing challenges than the Field Service Engineers (FSEs). Available to Neutec® Network dealers and Neutec® equipment owners, these experts help you get the best possible results with your laser-welding, grain-making, casting and 3D-printing equipment.

Mark Beam

Mark Beam Email link

Mark brings more than 15 years of field service and test engineering to his customers. He appreciates working with customers to solve their problems on a variety of capital equipment, including casting machines, laser welders and 3D printers.

Bill Brenn

Bill Brenn Email link

Bill started working at Rio Grande in 1994 and became a Field Service Engineer in 2000, making him the longest-serving member of his team. In that time, he's traveled to more than a dozen countries and completely filled up a passport. With a background in manufacturing and computer systems, Bill specializes in repairing and troubleshooting laser welders and 3D printers. He likes facing new challenges and working with everyone from experienced industry insiders to new end-users.

Daniel Castelo

Daniel Castelo Email link

Daniel has a strong mechanical-electrical background, which helps him specialize in Neutec® casting machines and laser welders. He thrives on different challenges that requires thought, creativity and testing to solve. "I'm always asking some form of, 'Why?' or 'What would happen if ...?,'" he says. "I am constantly curious about a better way to get stuff done."

Moshe Castle

Moshe Castle Email link

Since joining the Field Service Engineers team five years ago, Moshe has used his experience in electronic, mechanical and process troubleshooting to work through a diversity of challenges—whether it’s on behalf of small, local companies or large, international manufacturers. "Our machines are manufactured with some of the highest quality components, technology, and design on the market," he says. "We back them with prompt and professional support on every level, and we strive to improve."

Chris Chavez

Chris Chavez Email link

The majority of Chris' career history is in manufacturing, with 34 years spent as a maintenance tech. Since joining Rio five years ago, he’s assisted people who work with Neutec® casting machines all over the world—machines that he says have proven to be well-engineered, solidly built and simple to use.