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Precious Metals Cut to Order Services

With our low to no minimum orders, you can order by the inch, foot or any size you need. We'll even help you combine like metals for the best overall price break.

If you're in the market for precious metals, we have the entire spectrum of precious metal types, sizes and styles.


Pricing Precious Metals

Understanding How Rio Grande Prices Metals

Learn how Rio Grande prices your precious metal orders. 

We also explain how you can combine like metal types to take advantage of the best price breaks available.

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Silver Metal Markets

As all silver jewelry designers know, the price of silver per ounce can make or break your production schedule. Referring to this daily spot price chart gives you a snap shot of general trends in the silver metal market and will help you make smarter buying decisions. Also, knowing the value of the silver you own will help you price accordingly.


Gold Metal Markets

Maximize your precious metal investment by staying updated on the current cost of gold per ounce. This gold metal spot price chart tracks the daily gold rate and keeps a record of its value. Knowing the gold rate today, helps you invest better for tomorrow.


Platinum Metal Markets

Platinum is an extremely rare precious metal and is very popular among jewelers who work with engagement and wedding rings. Use this helpful chart to track the spot price when buying and pricing platinum fabrication metal.


Gold- and Silver-Filled Metals Market

Working with gold- and silver-filled metals is a great way to achieve the classic look of precious metal without the higher cost. The prices of these metals fluctuate with the precious metal market.


Scrap Metal Buying Program

Take advantage of Rio Grande's scrap buying program and receive credit or a direct refund check. It's easy to do and helps your bottom line.