Introducing the Neutec® LIGHTScribe

Bring the Convenience and Profitability of Laser-Cutting and Engraving Into Your Shop!

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LIGHTScribe Laser Engraving Machine

Neutec® Innovations

  • Pulse-power conserves and focuses power to workpieces with little dissipation.
  • Cold-Light technology drastically reduces heat generation, eliminating the need for an auxiliary cooling device.
  • Pilot-diode lasers digitally guide the z-axis for precision positioning of the work.
  • Auto on/off internal vacuum filter clears away fumes and captures dust and debris from laser process.

Engrave with Laser Accuracy

Engrave crisp, sharp lines, 3D logos, customized lettering – even photos – into a wide variety of metal and other materials with laser-sharp results. Engrave even the most graphically elaborate and complex designs more efficiently and with higher quality than traditional machine engraving.


Safely view and oversee the engraving – as it happens – on the external monitor (included). Built-in swing arm allows you to position the monitor for better viewing.


Protective leather fringe allows complete access while keeping laser power within the chamber.

Front view of Neutec LIGHTScribe Laser Engraving Machine


Built-in 1½" dust collection port accommodates your own system for extra collection when desired.


Approximately 1½ ft. x 2⅓ ft. – fits into almost any shop. The vertically oriented cover that operates smoothly up and down, keeping well out of your way as you set up each job.

Design Custom Tags and Cut Them On Demand

Produce your own custom-made tags and intricate jewelry patterns and, with the optional auto-feed attachment, produce them on a production level. The Neutec® LIGHTScribe is available in two models, the 20W and 70W. Both machines provide laser-sharp results for all of your engraving needs and are powerful enough to cut shapes into jewelry designs and sheet metal. For shops that will be using the LIGHTScribe for production cutting, the more powerful 70W is recommended to cut multiple pieces from sheet quickly and effectively.

Neutec LIGHTScribe Laser Engraving Machine

Additional Features

Sheet holder accessory for LIGHTScribe laser engraver

Sheet Holder

Secures sheet in place during the cutting/engraving process.

Foot control accessory for LIGHTScribe laser engraver

Foot Pedal

Keeps hands free while controling the laser.

Optional rotary motor and chucks for LIGHTscribe engraver

Rotary Motor & Chucks

Holds workpieces such as rings and bangle bracelets in the ideal positions for engraving.

System Requirements

•IBM-compatible PC • i3 • 1 GB RAM • 100 MB free memory in HD • DVD-ROM • USB 2.0 with any Windows® OS

Offer a higher quality of personalization to your customers with a versatility and speed with the Neutec® LIGHTScribe

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