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Super Powers, Customized for Jewelers

Bring laser welding to your jewelry business and meet production goals in a flash. Neutec® PulsePoint֭™ machines are engineered to zap through precision work, from assembling components to performing repairs. Metals never melt. Stones stay safe in their settings. Available in tabletop and floor-standing options, backed by exceptional customer service and technical support.

Why You Can't Afford Not to Have a Laser Welder

Phil Scott ought to know. Before he joined Rio Grande's Jewelry Tech Team, Phil ran a successful custom design studio and restoration business for decades, servicing nearly 30 jewelry stores with up to 1,000 pieces a day. Watch his real-world take on the benefits of owing a laser welder.

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Phil Scott from Rio Grande Jewelry Tech Team

Phil Scott from Rio Grande Jewelry Tech Team

A jewelry laser welder delivers near-invisible joins in seconds.

A jewelry laser welder delivers near-invisible joins in seconds.

Laser Welders Pay Off Fast

Two business owners discuss the bottom-line impact of their laser welders.  A small retailer says that owning a laser welder has "absolutely revolutionized our business," from repairing chains to soldering charms. A custom jeweler saves money by fixing pitted castings in platinum, and saves time restoring intricate pieces set with heat-sensitive stones. Read how their laser welders have paid for themselves fast.

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Laser IconWhich Laser Welder is Right for You?

The Neutec® PulsePoint™ Plus 140 is a powerful, floor-standing machine that's built for heavy manufacturing. The Studio Plus 20, 125 and 150 pack high-duty cycles into a 24" footprint. Which Neutec® is the best choice for your jewelry business? Use this comparison chart to get started.

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Laser IconSee Your Return on Investment

A laser welder is a significant purchase. What kind of return on investment can you expect? This calculator provides a quick estimate. Input your monthly labor and supply costs along with potential repair job value and click to discover your approximate monthly income and savings.

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