Have a Question About Impressions Personalization Services?

Getting Started

Visit the page for the service you need. On each page, you'll find information about what items are suitable for that service and how to go about ordering the product and the Impressions service you want.

Please Note: The product you select AND the Impressions order must be sent to us together (you cannot order the items and later decide to have them personalized with Impressions services). For Hot Foil Stamping, shop for your product and click the "Interested in Hot Foil Stamping" button near the Add to Cart button. For all other services, please complete the form on the information page and we'll contact you with the specifics of your order. If you have questions, check out the answers offered here, send us an email, or give us a call. We'll be happy to answer any question you have.


General Questions

Can I rush my order?

The processes are already as 'rushed' as we can make them; you can, however, select an expedited shipping method at your discretion.

What do you mean by "Artwork should be created using an illustration program such as Adobe® Illustrator®"?

Adobe Illustrator is a drawing software developed by Adobe® Systems for representing single-page vector-based drawings. A 'vector format' means that the drawing or graphic is plotted out in lines or paths that lead through specific locations within the design called 'control points.' An image or design saved in a vector format can be sized up or down without losing its resolution and clarity because the control points maintain their positions relative to one another as the size is scaled up or down.

More Answers

What is the preferred format for art submission?

Please see the Artwork page; it contains detailed information on what criteria needs to be followed.

Can I just give you my business card?

No; to create a quality plate, we need original, high-resolution artwork. You can contact the company that created your business card for a file of your artwork.

Can you create the logo for me?

Unfortunately not; we don't have the staff at this time to do that work. A local print shop may well offer the service at a reasonable fee. Be sure to provide them with a copy of the artwork information sheet.

Where do I send my artwork?

When you place the order for your packaging, simply click the "Interested in Hot Foil Stamping" for information on how to order.

Is there a maximum file size to send for my custom artwork?

Please see the Artwork page for detailed information on artwork requirements.

How long do hot foil stamp orders take to process?

Orders with new artwork are usually completed 3–4 weeks after the artwork is verified; repeat orders using existing artwork are usually completed in 2–3 weeks. Once we make sure the artwork provided will deliver you the quality result Rio Grande is known for, we'll carefully hot foil stamp your items and ship them to you; as soon as we can. And then your brand will be making a more lasting impression on your customers!

Please Note: Although we process orders as quickly as we can, depending on the size of the order and number of orders being processed at any given time, processing time may take longer than 3 weeks to ensure every order meets our (and your) standard of quality.

What is a "plate"?

The plate (also called a die) is a block of magnesium alloy on which your artwork is etched. Once etched, the plate will provide many years of service, delivering clean, crisp stamps for your packaging items.

Can I use my plate on any product?

All Rio Grande products that are suitable for hot foil stamping are indicated in the "Please Note" area. Call 1-800-545-6566 or email [email protected] to confirm if your plate is compatible with that product.

Can I just browse all the products that are okay for hot foil stamping?

Typically, only paper-covered boxes, display cards, pouches and totes are eligible for this service. Under "Refine by," you'll see "hot foil stamping available"; click that and all stampable items will be shown for you to browse.

Will my printing plate work for all packaging sizes?

We can use a plate made for a smaller bag on a larger bag, but size often makes it impossible to go from large to small items. If you are ordering different sizes, you should have a second plate made to ensure an effective visual impact for both large and small items.

Will I be charged for additional plates?

Yes, for stamping orders that require a different size plate, a plate in the new size must be created for you.

What happens to the plate after stamping?

We will store your plate here to use it for your subsequent orders; if the plate remains unused for two years, we will recycle your unused plate.

How much does hot foil stamp service cost?

Please see the Impressions® page for a pricing list; please keep in mind that stamping prices are for the stamping service only and do not include the packaging items that you are stamping.

What are the foil colors I can choose from?

Foil colors do change from time to time as we add new ones and drop unused ones. For the latest color selection, visit our Hot Foil Stamping page on our Impressions page.

Can I mix and match product styles to reach lower price breaks?

Yes; you can combine boxes, pouches and earring cards to reach a lower per piece stamping cost.

What is the 'artwork set-up charge'?

The artwork setup charge is the cost of converting the artwork for use by our laser equipment and providing a proof sheet for your approval.

Will you to set up artwork if I just need letters?

Yes, your text is individual to you and must be converted for accurate reproduction by our laser equipment.

Can I see a sample of available fonts?

A sample of the block font is shown on the Laser Engraving page.

Can I choose my own font?

Yes, simply provide your chosen script as your artwork and we will convert the approved 'art' for use by our laser equipment and provide a proof for your approval. The Artwork page contains detailed information on the requirements for artwork.

Is there a maximum number of letters I can use?

There is no maximum; provide what you want on your tags and you can decide from the proof we'll send you whether the size will suit your needs and what, if any, adjustments are necessary.

Can I engrave gold tags?

Yes. You can find our selection of gold tags online

Can I engrave silver-filled or gold-filled tags?

No, we cannot laser-engrave silver-filled or gold-filled material because the layer of precious metal does not allow the depth of engraving produced by the laser equipment. For these tags, we recommend purchasing a stamp that you can apply to your tags as needed.

Can I engrave base-metal tags?

No; at this time, we are set up only for silver and gold; base metals behave very differently than silver under the laser. For your most cost-effective option, we recommend purchasing a stamp that you can apply to your bronze, copper, brass and other base metal tags as needed.

Is there a minimum number to buy?

Yes, the minimum purchase quantity is 10 packages per tag you choose.

Can I mix and match styles to reach the minimum purchase quantity?

No; unfortunately, the engraving equipment must be configured to each particular tag size and shape, and the minimum applies to the set-up for each tag style.

How long does it take?

Orders take approximately 2 weeks after you approve your proof sheet.

Can I return an order if I am not satisfied?

This is a custom service that includes a proofing step for your approval. We cannot accept returns on items that have been altered. If there is a defect caused by the engraving process that we did not catch we will replace those defective pieces.

Can I print on the black paper envelope the Sunshine® cloth comes in?

Yes; however, the envelope is not screen-printed, but hot-foil stamped. Please see the information on the Hot Foil Stamping page for this service.

Can I print on the inside of the envelope?

No, the inside of the envelope is not printable.

Can I print on the zip-close bags my cloths come in?

After screen-printing, all your cloths are bulk-packaged flat in 100-count zip-close plastic bags. We cannot print on this plastic.

Can I print on front and back of the cloth?

No, the printing process is likely to damage the first print while creating the second.

Can I print on any size Sunshine® Cloth?

No, only on the original, full-size (5-1/2" x 7") cloth.

What color inks are available?

Color selection does change from time to time; you will always find the current selection on the Screen Printing page.

Can I get more than one color printed on the cloth?

Yes; when you email us your artwork and other details, let us know you want to use more than one color, and we will put together a price quote for you based on your particular needs.

Is there a minimum number to buy?

Yes; the minimum quantity is 300; above that, you can increase in increments of 100.

How long does it take?

The process will take 3-4 weeks after you approve your proof sheet.

Is there a minimum number to buy?

Yes; a minimum of one 500-ticket package is required.

Can I include an email address in addition to a street or P.O. box address?

Yes; see the printing template; the only requirement is that your information must fit into the printable area on no more than four lines of text.

Can I include a 2nd address?

Yes; see the printing template; the only requirement is that your information must fit into the printable area on no more than four lines of text.

Can I choose my ink color?

Unfortunately, no; we offer either red or black ink.

If I choose red, will my information be red on all three copies of each ticket?

No; the red ink on the stamp transfers to the top copy only, the carbonless carbon paper transfers the stamp information to the bottom two copies in black.

How long does it take?

The process takes 3-4 weeks.

How large a font (point size) can I use?

The size of the stamp is constrained only by how you want to use it; we create the stamp to accommodate the height, in millimeters, of the design artwork you provide.

What is the minimum font size?

The size of the stamp is constrained only by how you want to use it; however, please keep in mind that very tiny designs (objects or text) become illegible and defeat the purpose of using a stamp in the first place.

What is the most common stamp size?

There really isn't a 'most common' size; each stamp is custom-created to the specifications of each individual customer.

How much does a stamp cost?

A typical cost is $119 for straight shanks and $129 for bent shanks; however, it varies significantly and we can provide you a no-obligation quote once we have the details you provide in your initial contact.

Is there a minimum number to buy?

No; order a single stamp or order several, it's up to you.

How long does it take?

Processing takes 2-4 weeks after you approve your proof sheet.