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Hot Foil Stamping

Impressions™ hot foil stamping service from Rio Grande makes personalizing your boxes, jewelry cards, pouches and totes simple and cost-effective (with no minimum order quantities!). The process is fast, easy and your customized packaging products will be personalized in house by Rio Grande then shipped to you, ready to help you make great impressions on your customers!

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Light Blue
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Light Purple
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Plate & Service Charges (all items except totes)
One-time charge of $65.00 for one plate.
Please Note: Stored plates that lie unused for two years are recycled.

  • Maximum area is 3½" x 1½".
  • Placement tolerance is within 1/16".
  • If you need your logo in more than one size, each size requires a separate plate.
  • Re-orders using an existing plate require you to pay only the service charge (see below); you will not be charged for the plate after the one-time fee.

All items on your hot foil stamping order (except totes) are combineable to get the best quantity price break per order. Once created, your plates are safely stored, free of charge, here at our facility, where they are protected and conveniently at hand, ready to hot foil stamp your next order and get it to you quickly.

Please Note: Pricing applies to one-side, one-color imprinting.

Quantities of 200 pieces or fewer $60.00 minimum charge
Quantities of 201–287 pieces $0.22 per piece
Quantities of 288–719 pieces $0.18 per piece
Quantities over 720 pieces $0.16 per piece

Plate & Service Charges (totes only)
Pricing is based on the size (in square inches) of the plate.

Service Charge
1–30 square inches $115.00 (one-time charge)
Quantities of 150 pieces or fewer $75.00 minimum charge
Quantities of 151–250 pieces $0.30 per piece
Quantities of 251–750 pieces $0.25 per piece
Quantities over 751 pieces $0.22 per piece


Here's what you need to know.

Ordering Hot Foil Stamping Services
Ordering hot-foil stamping services is easy. Just give us a call 1-800-545-6566 or send us an email at [email protected]. One of our customer service experts will help you order your packaging items and hot foil stamping services at once. Please Note: As part of our commitment to provide the best quality impressions, we have upgraded to a high-end, foil material. We made every effort to stay consistent to our historical colors, however, some color variation may be noticed.

Preparing Your Artwork
In general, artwork should be created using an illustration program such as Adobe® Illustrator® and saved in vector format such as an .AI or .EPS file. To reproduce well, the artwork should be crisp and clear with a resolution no less than 300dpi. You can find more in-depth information on our artwork information page.

If you need help to create your logo in vector format, most local print shops will be able to assist you. If you use a print shop to create your file, we recommend sending them the link to the artwork information page or printing it out and taking it in with you.

Getting Your Order On Time
Once we make sure your artwork will deliver high-quality results, we'll carefully hot foil stamp your items and ship them to you. Orders with new artwork usually take around 3–4 weeks to complete after the artwork is verified; repeat orders with existing artwork are usually completed and shipped in 2–3 weeks. Although we process orders as quickly as we can, depending on the size of the order and number of orders being processed at any given time, processing time may take longer to ensure every order meets our (and your) standard of quality.

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