Impressions Hot Stamping Service

Make your packaging as memorable as your jewelry! Impressions custom hot foil printing lets you delight your customers with a branded experience, from love at first sale through gifting and unboxing. Explore dozens of options for personalized jewelry packaging.

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Elevate Your Brand with Custom Jewelry Packaging

Mix, match and personalize a wide range of styles, types and colors.

Examples of products that can be customized with hot foil stamping

Matte Foil Colors

Matte Black
Matte Brown
Matte Gold
Matte Silver

Glossy Foil Colors

Lipstick Red
Dawson Red
Dark Pink
Light Pink
Light Purple
Dark Purple
Dark Blue
Medium Blue
Light Blue
Dark Green
Light Green

Personalize These Items:

Pricing & Service Charges

Please note: There is a minimum order of $200 for this service. We recommend consolidating your orders to receive additional quantity breaks and improve efficiency in order processing.

Plate & Service Charges

Once created, your plates are safely stored free of charge here at our facility. Please Note: Stored plates that lie unused for two years are recycled.

  • Maximum area: 3½" x 1½"
  • Placement tolerance: 1/16"
  • If you need your logo in more than one size, each size requires a separate plate.
  • Combine items on your hot foil stamping order (except totes) to get the best quantity price break.
All items except totes
Plate Size Plate Set-Up Charge
Max-size 3½"x1½" $65.00 (one-time charge)
Plate Size Plate Set-Up Charge
1–30 square inches $115.00 (one-time charge)

Pricing on plates for totes is based on the size (in square inches) of the plate.

several magnesium hot foil stamping plates

General Pricing

All items except totes
Quantity Pricing
Quantities of 200 pieces or fewer $60.00 minimum charge
Quantities of 201–287 pieces $0.22 per piece
Quantities of 288–719 pieces $0.18 per piece
Quantities over 720 pieces $0.16 per piece
Totes Only
Quantity Pricing
Quantities of 150 pieces or fewer $75.00 minimum charge
Quantities of 151–250 pieces $0.30 per piece
Quantities of 251–750 pieces $0.25 per piece
Quantities over 751 pieces $0.22 per piece

Please Note: Pricing applies to one-side, one-color imprinting.

An assortment of totes and boxes with hot-foil stamped designs

How to Order

1. Plan Ahead

Orders with new artwork usually take around 4—6 weeks to complete after the artwork is verified.

Repeat orders with existing artwork are usually completed and shipped in 3—4 weeks.

We process orders as quickly as we can, but depending on the size of the order and order volume at a given time, processing may take longer to ensure that every order meets our (and your) standard of quality.

2. Prepare Your Artwork

  • AI, EPS, JPEG, PDF or API files accepted
  • Minimum resolution 300 dpi
  • Minimum font size 10 pts, or 3.53 mm.
  • 15MB or smaller
  • Black and white on a white background—no colors, gradients, grayscale or shading.
  • If you send a JPG or Photoshop file, your image should be 300 dpi (1,800 px) and the exact size of the finished impression you need
  • No fine lines or closely-spaced lettering or lines next to heavy lines and lettering
  • Review this video for some guidelines on preparing your artwork for printing.

A member of our team will reach out to you with any issues.

3. Order Request Form

Complete the order request form below. One of our customer service experts will help you order your packaging and your hot foil stamping services.

Important Note About Colors: As part of our commitment to provide the best quality impressions, we have upgraded to a high-end, foil material. We made every effort to stay consistent to our historical colors, however, some color variation may be noticed.

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A minimum order of $200 is required for this service . We recommend consolidating your orders to receive additional quantity breaks and improve efficiency in order processing.

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