Impressions Personalized Services

Artwork Information for Impressions™ Services

Your logo speaks volumes about your business. You have spent valuable time getting it just right. Let Rio help you easily and effectively personalize products that professionally represent your business.

Your Logo: What's Required?

Artwork should be created using an illustration program such as Adobe® Illustrator®. Use the program to apply outlines to any fonts that are used in order to retain their characteristics.

Please Note: We prefer artwork files be sent in .JPEG, .PDF, .EPS or .API formats. If you don't have the ability to create your logo in vector format, most local print shops will be able to assist you. We will work with any file type as long as it is black and white only with no grays. You will be contacted by a member of our team if there are any issues.

To reproduce well, your artwork should be crisp and clear with a resolution no less than 300dpi. In addition, artwork:

  • Must consist of black lines or letters on a white background; no colors, gradients or shading.
  • Must not have fine lines or closely-spaced lettering or lines in conjunction with heavy lines and lettering.
  • Must be the exact size of the finished impression you need (except for custom marking stamps or laser-engraved tags; artwork for these should be approx. 3" x 3").
  • Font size in the artwork should be clearly and easily readable and not be less than 10 pts.
  • File should not exceed 4 MB in size.

Logo Examples

Not Suitable
example of low resolution file
Color, only 72DPI
Not Suitable
example of a low resolution file
Black and white, only 72DPI
Correct File size and format
Black and white, 300DPI

Artwork Approval

Once we receive your artwork, one of our Impressions representatives will contact you to discuss your artwork. We are committed to making sure your logo reproduces as beautifully as possible and may suggest artwork revision to achieve this goal.