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Fall Trend Report: Layers of Style

With busy season in full swing, jewelers and makers are working on designing, planning and producing their fall lines. So when our buyers returned from their tradeshow tours excited about six trends they saw in jewelry design, we just had to get the word out. In this trend report, learn more about new and interesting ways jewelry designers are putting together layered looks featuring eye-catching statements of self-expression.


Trend #1: Necklace Layering and Y-Style Necklaces

In this first trend, designers are experimenting with neckwear lengths, styles, texture and personalization. Extended length chains and y-style necklaces are being joined by one or two shorter chains to create multiple layers that work in both casual and formal settings. Bold styles of chain are contrasted with statement pieces that include single pendants, a conglomeration of charms or any adornment that suits the personality of the wearer. This vintage-inspired jewelry trend can be comprised of separate necklaces or combined on one multi-strand clasp to create an easy-on, easy-off, all-in-one piece.

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Y-Style Layered Necklace
14K Yellow Gold Triple-Strand Dapped Links Choker-Style Necklace

Trend #2: Chokers

When it comes to the multi-layered neckwear trend, it’s not just about longer chain lengths. Chokers, collars and necklets team up to create a tri-level look worn closely around the neck and ranging in style from chunky to delicate. Along with serving as a base to the layered look, chokers are worn individually and adorned with sparkling crystals and delicate charms. From casual daywear to sophisticated eveningwear, the choker is a jewelry box staple that adds an edgy twist to any outfit.

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Trend #3: Message Jewelry

Whether on necklaces, earrings or bracelets, including components that convey messages and sentiments personal to the wearer is another popular trend. Letters, words of encouragement, zodiac signs and a variety of symbols are displayed boldly or discreetly hidden and, if part of a set, continue from one piece to another. These messages tell the story of the wearer’s past experiences, commemorate an event or celebrate a milestone.

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Engraved Tag Pendants
Signet Ring Engraved with Initials

Trend #4:
Signet Rings

No longer just a gentleman's pinky ring, signet rings are now worn in multiples, layered with other smaller rings, and found on the fingers of both men and women. Signet ring designs incorporate a variety of fonts, symbols, asymmetric stone settings and, thanks to the wonders of computerized laser engraving, custom designs and images. When designing a signet collection for your fall line, the new rule is easy to follow, and that rule is there is no rule.

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Trend #5: Delicate Stackable Rings

Worn several at a time, between the knuckles, on the pinky or on the thumb, the ring-stacking trend is still going strong. Customers are mixing metals and choosing delicate ring shanks with single or small stones. With a hearty collection of delicate, stackable rings, customers can wear many on one finger or several on all fingers. From mixing and matching favorite metal colors to a coordinated collection of birthstones, there really is no wrong way to pull off the stackable ring trend.

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Stackable Rings Set With CZ
Pink Nappa Leather Tassel Pendant

Trend #6: Leather Tassels

After making its initial appearance in pendants and earrings, the tassel trend is expanding. Whether they’re made of chain, cord or Nappa leather, tassels are being added to jewelry and other accessories to create a fun and flirty movement that customers love to wear—not just on their necklaces or earrings but also belts, boots and handbags. Pair chain tassels with like-metals for chic sophistication or multiple colors of cord tassels for bold, eye-catching designs.

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Get Your Fall & Holiday Collections Ready

With summer whisking by and the holiday season just ahead, jewelers everywhere are prepping for the busiest time of the year. Layer these styles in to your upcoming fall and holiday collections for on-trend looks your customers will love.