No Chatter, More Action

Outsmart interruptions with BurLife®. Our exclusive formula creates an ultra-low friction surface for continuous cuts. Your tools will work faster, stay sharper and last longer. Try BurLife® and discover why it’s indispensable.

Add BurLife to Your Bench
BurLife stick with Knew Concepts saw frame

Precision and Speed

Save time when you work without chatter, drag or bouncing. BurLife® is drawn into the contact area between the tool and workpiece like a microscopic coating of ball bearings, creating a smooth surface that expedites accurate cuts.

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Sawing made easy

I tried sawing some heavy-gauge wire but it was tough going at the end until I used a bit of BurLife which made my blade glide to the finish line.

— @aaron, Customer Review

Longevity and Value

Give your tools a longer life and cut costs. A little goes a long way—a bit of BurLife® and a few seconds keep your blades and burs sharp, your cutters crisp, and your files and gravers clean.

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BurLife stick and cartridges next to flex shaft handpiece with bur installed

Drill bits last longer

Love this product. I use it on all my drill bits and burs and find that they last a lot longer than without using it.

Customer Review from Australia
Burlife stick on drill press plaform

Dependability and Safety

You’ll find an optimal BurLife® formula for every task. Choose the versatile stick or bench-mount cartridge for burs, bits and saw blades. Use paste to prep large areas quickly, and liquid for tough-to-coat surfaces. All formulas are non-toxic and leave no residue.

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Add BurLife® to your bench.

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