There’s Nothing Better Than Bonny Doon!

When it comes to quickly and accurately forming metal, hydraulic power is peerless—and there's no better hydraulic equipment than a Bonny Doon press. Built by jewelers for jewelers in Taos, New Mexico, Bonny Doon's smart engineering and solid workmanship make it the safest, most ergonomic press on the market. A healthy selection of special kits and tooling makes it the most versatile. And whether you're looking for bells and whistles or a basic setup, Bonny Doon is the best value anywhere.

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Bonny Doon Classic 20-ton manual hydraulic press

Better Results in Less Time

From start to finish, the Bonny Doon hydraulic press significantly reduces production time and delivers professional, consistent results. The massive return springs minimize cycling time and allow you get more done. The frame’s unparalleled rigidity maximizes the force that goes into each piece. You'll achieve smoother, better results with far fewer hammer strokes. Form heavy-gauge metals and create exceptional shapes without marring fragile metals. Form patterned, engraved or overlaid metals with zero denting or design distortion.

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Priced to Please

If you thought you couldn't afford hydraulic forming, think again: A basic Bonny Doon manual press, including a hydraulic jack, ram and pressure gauge, starts at just $995. Whether it's a basic manual press or an electric press kit that's loaded with accessories, there's a Bonny Doon for you. Kits offer value and convenience, with everything to get you started for one great price.

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Bonny Doon Classic 20-ton electric hydraulic press

I have to say that my Bonny Doon Classic Electric Press has changed my life. I use blanking dies often, and within a few minutes, I'm able to cut numerous bracelets and rings. It's astonishing how quickly I can form a bracelet using the Bracelet Former and complete a ring with the Ring-Forming kit. I can also use this invaluable tool with my Bonny Doon Pattern Plates and create a stunning pattern on my metal. Thank you, Phil, for producing such an outstanding product!

— Alice Klepper
Bonny Doon Mark III manual hydraulic press and ram package

Engineered for Safety

Bonny Doon is quite simply the safest press on the market. The powerful return springs are concealed in the frame’s upright columns. Bonny Doon tools are engineered to stay perfectly centered in the press and keep operators out of harm’s way. And several styles of containment tooling are available, so that your work and the volatile pieces of your die stay protected during pressing.

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A Tool for Every Task

Whether you make rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, hollowware, deep vessels or anything else your imagination can summon, Bonny Doon allows for complete customization with a slate of specially-designed accessories and kits. Produce incredibly consistent shapes or create one-of-a-kind organic volumes. Draw deep, seamless vessels without thinning or stretching metal. Bonny Doon tools are designed to fit directly into the press for fast, efficient set-up—no need to buy or build adapters. Quick-change magnetic dies and other straight-forward tooling swap out in a matter of seconds.

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Bonny Doon Mark III electric hydraulic press and ram package
Bonny Doon Mark III manual hydraulic press and ram package

Made with Love in Taos, New Mexico

The folks at Bonny Doon understand the needs of jewelers because they’re jewelers, too. Owner Phil Poirier and his metalsmith staff design and engineer new tools and processes based on tools he made for his own jewelry studio—and they're only available at Rio Grande. Every inch of Bonny Doon tooling is backed by decades of experience and designed for unparalleled ease of use. Crafted from forged American steel and welded by a certified master welder, each Bonny Doon hydraulic press is built to last a lifetime in Taos, New Mexico, USA.

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There's a Bonny Doon for You

Find the perfect fit for your business. Bonny Doon’s G. Phil Poirier and Brooke Barlow provide a quick overview of all five Bonny Doon hydraulic presses, compare manual and electric functionality, and answer common questions about forming applications. Check it out!

Expand your creative potential and increase efficiency in your studio with a Bonny Doon hydraulic press.

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