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Bonny Doon Hydraulic Jewelry Presses & Tooling

When it comes to quickly and accurately forming metal, hydraulic power is peerless—and there's no better hydraulic equipment than a Bonny Doon press. Built by jewelers for jewelers in Taos, New Mexico, Bonny Doon's smart engineering and solid workmanship make it the safest, most ergonomic hydraulic press for jewelers on the market. And an impressive selection of special kits and tooling makes it the most versatile. Whether you're looking for the most advanced capabilities or a basic setup, Bonny Doon is the best value anywhere.

G. Phil Poirier
Meet the Maker: G. Phil Poirier

Go behind the scenes with master tool-maker G. Phil Poirier and learn how Bonny Doon pioneered the hydraulic jewelry press 40 years ago.

A line-up of four Bonny Doon presses
Which Bonny Doon Is Right for You?

Find the Bonny Doon press that's perfect for your shop's needs! It's easy to compare presses with our handy chart and video.

Bracelet-forming attachment
Why Choose Hydraulic Forming for Jewelry?

There are so many reasons why jewelers choose the Bonny Doon hydraulic press to efficiently and repeatably form metal for jewelry; discover just a few of them here.

Bonny Doon videos
Bonny Doon Videos

With a Bonny Doon press, the shapes, bends and curves you can create quickly and easily in metal are limited only by your imagination. See for yourself in this collection of Bonny Doon videos!

Glossary of terms
Glossary of Terms

Read this comprehensive glossary to get familiar with common and useful terms associated with metal-forming in a hydraulic press.

Teacher and student position a workpiece on the press.
Classes and Workshops

Rio Grande offers several Bonny Doon-based classes throughout the year, covering beginning topics to advanced techniques. Sign up and expand your skills.

Shop set up with bench and presses
Instructions and How-To's

Thumb through our library of helpful how-tos and instruction sheets to get answers to your basic operation and technique questions.

An array of designs created by jewelers with their Bonny Doon press.

See what designers are making with their #BonnyDoonPress. Tag your photos and share your #BonnyDoonPress inspiration with other jewelers!

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There's Nothing Better Than Bonny Doon

A Bonny Doon hydraulic jewelry press is the most powerful tool in any jeweler's shop. Using only this top-rated piece of hydraulic jewelry equipment, jewelers can perform the tasks of a stamping press, a punch & die set, a forming hammer, and an anvil and stakes much faster and with significantly less finishing time. Proudly made in the USA for 40 years, Bonny Doon is the original metal-forming press engineered specifically for the demands of jewelry-making. Jewelers choose Bonny Doon because it has the highest-quality construction and best safety record of any hydraulic press on the market. Don't just get it done, get it Bonny Doon done!