Jewelers' Bench Essentials

Bench essentials
Get everything you need to keep creating with our one-stop selection of production essentials. Shop time-saving tools and equipment, go-to findings, key consumables, fabrication metals and more to set yourself up for a successful new year!

Restock Your Metals

Essentials for Success at Your Jeweler’s Bench

Keep your bench stocked and you’ll always be ready when production ramps up or inspiration strikes. From metals to cutting to the final polish, Rio Grande’s bench essentials deliver quality, precision and efficiency.

Start strong with high-quality fabrication metals. Whether you’re working with karat gold, gold-filled, silver or base metals, Rio Grande can supply what you need, with low to no minimum order requirements. The majority of our gold fabrication metals and silver fabrication metals are recycled, and we are committed to supporting responsible sourcing for these metals.

As a jeweler, you know that details matter—high-quality jump rings and comfortable, easy-to-use clasps, ear wires, ear posts and ear nuts keep your customers' jewelry securely in place. Shop our vast selection of jewelry findings for gold clasps, gold ear wires, gold ear posts, gold ear nuts, gold clasps, gold jump rings, gold-filled ear wires, gold-filled ear posts, gold-filled ear nuts, gold-filled clasps, gold-filled jump rings  and more. We also carry a large variety of silver findings, including silver ear wires, silver ear posts, silver ear nuts, silver clasps, and silver jump rings. If you create mixed-metal jewelry, you’ll love our selection of base metal ear wires, base metal ear nuts, base metal jump rings and base metal clasps. Bezel cups provide a convenient way to incorporate cabochons and other flat-back stones into to your jewelry designs. Rio Grande offers round bezel cups, oval bezel cups, and square bezel cups in gold, silver and copper.

Get the most out of your materials and time with the right tools. Easily make smooth, clean cuts with long-lasting Laser Gold saw blades, crafted in Switzerland exclusively for Rio Grande. Our Laser Gold™ saw blades are available in a wide variety of blade sizes ranging from #1 to #8/0 and every size in between. Laser Gold saw blades are available by the by the dozen and by the gross. New to Laser Gold? Try the assortment of Laser Gold’s most popular saw blades or the Laser Gold sampler.

Having a steady supply of flux and pickle on hand equips you to create custom jewelry components and produce professional-looking solder joints. Shop Rio Grande’s selection of liquid flux and paste flux to find the right flux for your job. If you’re soldering non-ferrous metals, you don’t want to run out of pickle.

Regular replacement of burs makes your jewelry-making tasks more efficient and saves money in the long run. Shop Rio Grande for setting burs, round burs, bud burs, bearing burs, cylinder burs, cone burs, saw burs, cutter burs, cup burs, square burs, lens cutter burs, and more. We also offer a variety of bur types including tungsten vanadium burs, diamond burs, carbide steel burs, high-speed steel burs and steel burs. Bur sets are also available. For an economical investment, BurLife® keeps all your burs and saw blades sharp for smoother cuts, less friction and longer life.

Casting professionals will find a wide variety of investment formulas that produce dependable, repeatable results. Choose the right investment for the job with innovative products from trusted brands Legor®and Ransom & Randolph. Be sure to add some investment remover to your cart, too.

Our large selection of polishing compounds and polishing buffs makes it convenient to stock up for every stage of your finishing process. Shop compounds from Luxor®, Dialux, LUXI, our exclusive Sunsheen, and more. Remember to replace your mounted polishing buffs or unmounted polishing buffs regularly.

For a quick touch up, Sunshine Cloth® cleans and polishes your  jewelry brilliantly. Sunshine Cloth is available in convenient multi-packs for your bench. Single packs, individual envelopes and tubes of Sunshine Cloth make great customer appreciation gifts. Choose the right Sunshine Cloth for your piece—the original yellow Sunshine Cloth, the gentler blue Sunshine Soft Cloth, or the slightly more aggressive pink Sunshine Satin Cloth.

Maintaining a project-ready bench is an ongoing process—but like other behind-the-scenes tasks, keeping up with bench essentials pays off.