Mined in America.
Demanded by Jewelers.

As American as a Gibson® guitar or a Stetson® hat, the American Mined Collection was developed for jewelers and metalsmiths who believe the source matters. We combed the United States touring mines, meeting with enterprising miners and examining hundreds of rough stones along the way. The result is a collection of exceptional gemstones, cabochons and beads that allows you to trace a stone from the mine to your bench. This collection will grow as we develop new relationships with mines across America. Check back often for new additions and introduce the American Mined Collection to your most discerning clients.

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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Rich, sky blue color with little matrix makes for striking gems as clear as a cloudless day. Sourced from Arizona's now closed Sleeping Beauty mine, these sought-after stones are increasingly hard to find.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise‚Ñ¢
Mona Lisa Turquoise‚Ñ¢

Mona Lisa Turquoise

Land meets sky in turquoise unearthed years ago, from the now-closed Mona Lisa mine in Arkansas. Cut to celebrate each stone's unique matrix, gentle blue is illuminated by golden streaks interspersed with darker tones.

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Arkansas Ice Quartz

Incredible clarity sourced from Blue Springs for your bench. Faceted for mirror-like luster in pear, cushion, marquise oval and round cuts. Found in larger-than-usual sizes for big, bold designs.

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Arkansas Ice Quartz‚Ñ¢

Thanks so much for carrying fair mined stones, this so important.

— Andrea P, YouTube Comment

Beautiful Stones. This pair of cabs has a nice teal color and a high shine. Will be setting in silver to make a pair of earrings. Definitely will be purchasing more of this stone collection.

— Pam, Customer Review

I'm using the peridot and ice quartz in four of my pieces. Love them!

— SuElyn Peters, YouTube Comment
Gold Canyon Turquoise‚Ñ¢

Gold Canyon Turquoise

Classic turquoise-blue veined with a golden matrix, each stone as distinct as the life of its wearer. Excavated in Arizona's Cerbat Mountains from an abundant prehistoric mine.

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Rodeo Queen Ruby

Saturated pink meets ruby red for a stunning shade as regal as its name. Exceedingly rare, these 100% natural stones originate in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming.

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Rodeo Queen Rubies
Montana Sapphire‚Ñ¢

Montana Sapphire

An ocean of medium blues and teal greens glistens in stones mined from the mountains of western Montana. Faceted in round, oval and cushion cuts for captivating custom designs. Read how Montana Sapphirestm are responsibly mined.

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Idaho Garnet

Iron and magnesium result in rich, red-wine hues distinctive of traditional garnets. Hand-mined from the northern panhandle of Idaho for your custom designs.

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Idaho Garnet‚Ñ¢
BlueBird Turquoise‚Ñ¢

Bluebird Turquoise

Vivid robin's egg blue with a minimal matrix that varies from light to dark gray, making each stone unique. Excavated at the renowned Mineral Park Mine in the Cerbat Mountains of Arizona.

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Arizona Peridot

Enticing green with stunning clarity sourced from lava flows in southern Arizona. Faceted in round, oval and hexagon cuts to maximize light and color.

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Arizona Peridot‚Ñ¢
Lake County Fire Opal‚Ñ¢

Lake County Opal

Fiery reds and rich oranges not found among traditional opals burn brightly. Sourced from mines in Oregon, this dramatic gemstone is the only natural opal suitable for faceting.

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Oregon Sunstone

Shimmering peachy pink and delicate champagne from the same Oregon source for your bench. Two distinctly different varieties cut to showcase each stone's individual beauty.

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Oregon Champagne Sunstone‚Ñ¢
Amelia Teal Amazonite‚Ñ¢

Amelia Teal Amazonite

Shades of blue-green feature a mottled color saturation, occasionally with white or light-blue streaks. Known as "The Amazon Stone," these grade A gemstones are sourced from the Morefield Gem Mine of Virginia.

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Bring your designs to life with ethically-sourced stones worthy of tomorrow's heirlooms.

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