Change Your Sawing Forever with Laser Gold Saw Blades

Delivering an alchemic balance of flexibility and sharpness, Laser Gold saw blades keep you sawing in the sweet spot with unwavering cuts, unparalleled precision, and minimal snapping. You'll spend more time making jewelry, and less time—and money—replacing blades. Make sawing enjoyable with Laser Gold.

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Three Laser Gold saw blades bent in an arch

Flexible & Forgiving

Work steadily, with minimal blade breakage. Laser Gold blades start with high-grade steel for strength and durability, combined with a proprietary alloy for extreme flexibility. Spend more time making jewelry, and less time—and money—replacing blades.

I really love using laser gold saw blades because they break less often than other blades and turn corners more easily and allow for very crisp and accurate sawing. We use all eight different sizes of saw blades in my studio from size 2 all the way down to 8/0 depending on the thickness of metal being sawn. The majority of my designs have sawn elements and I have been very happy with laser gold blades as my go to brand in the studio for the past 10 years. 

— Beth Millner of Beth Millner Jewelry

Sustained Sharpness

Use a single Laser Gold blade over and over, knowing that your last cut will be as smooth and clean as your first. The advanced manufacturing process that gives Laser Gold amazing flexibility also delivers exceptional hardness and sharpness. Laser Gold blades keep their edge longer so that you can keep working.

Jeweler sawing at his bench

Best Blades EVER. I've definitely saved money since I can get through a whole job without repeatedly changing a broken blade. I have a class full of folks new to sawing next week and I'm excited about providing these blades because, when they have the same success I had, I'm going to get kudos for being able to teach sawing when it is really all in the right blade!

Four Laser Gold saw blades

Unparalleled Precision

Navigate the most intricate designs with precision and make true, chatter-free cuts with less finishing time required. Laser Gold blades are specially engineered to ensure that teeth are consistently-sized for reliable, repeatable results.

Saw in the Sweet Spot

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