The Rio Grande Advisory Board

Over the last 74 years, Rio Grande has grown from a one-room mom and pop shop to one of the largest jewelry-making suppliers in the world. As our business has increased by leaps and bounds, we've worked diligently to keep one focus—the perspective of the working jeweler—in everything we do. And there's a lot that goes into what we do, from the products we sell to the ways we help educate jewelers on how to use them.

In addition to our amazing in-house experts on the Jewelry Tech Team, we're partnering with some of the highest caliber professionals in the jewelry industry to form the Rio Grande Advisory Board. Founded in 2016, the Board includes leaders who are active in a variety of disciplines of jewelry-making, metalsmithing and manufacturing. Each year, a new group of jewelers is invited to serve as Advisory Board members for the year. As part of a sounding board composed of respected jewelers, each board member helps ensure that the services, content and product selection Rio Grande offers are relevant to the needs of our customers.

We take their feedback seriously. Direction from previous Advisory Boards has guided our merchandising choices, led to re-vamping product descriptions on Rio Grande's website, and helped us beta-test our new website.

We love the work they do as jewelers. And we're honored to call them our friends and advisors.



Past Rio Grande Advisory Boards

Rio Grande thanks each of the members of our previous Advisory Boards, who help keep the perspective of the working jeweler at the forefront of everything we do.