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Design to Market

Bring your vision to life and your jewelry to market with 2Shapes. Integrate all facets of your business with an intuitive, affordable design-to-sales solution. Collaborate with clients on design, set up an ecommerce site, build your brand, and manage production. Sign up for a free trial and see how 2Shapes can help you shape your jewelry business.

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2Shapes offers a flexible ecommerce platform that facilitates easy customization

Customizable Commerce

Increase sales with a website that inspires. 2Shapes simplifies ecommerce with intuitive templates, so that you can set up and launch a custom site in hours. Built-in marketing tools make it easy to gather analytics and connect with customers through tailored communications. Boost your brand to grow your online business and strengthen your retail presence.

Real-Time Design

Create your first-ever digital design or import your own files. Explore a library offering hundreds of options to combine and customize. 2Shapes’ parametrics generate instant, realistic visuals of every variation. Collaborate with clients and offer virtual try-ons personalized with skin tone and other characteristics.

Example model library available in 2Shapes

2Shapes is what I wished was around when I started making jewelry. Being able to play with jewelry designs virtually, creating your own website in a simplified way, and managing everything that comes with running a business, all in one place, is absolutely amazing. If you want to use it just as a design tool, you can. If you want to use just to create your website, you can. If you want to use it just for business management, you can do that too. So many options under one roof.

— Scott Bradford, Jewelry Tech Team Member
Tracking product flow from design to manufacturing

Unified Workflows

Save time and contains costs with seamless, beginner-friendly workflow integration. Manage production, organize orders and fulfillment, and monitor inventory. 2Shapes makes it easy to keep track of the details behind your jewelry business, so that you can focus on the details that differentiate your jewelry.

Shape Your Jewelry Business

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