How To Use Snap-Set Settings

How To Use Snap-Set Settings
Using a Snap-Set Setting

Snap-Set settings make it quick and easy to set faceted stones into earrings, pendants and more. Designed with prong ends that are pre-shaped and level, Snap-Sets ensure a clean, attractive finish.

1. Lay a clean stone face down on a clean and level surface.

2. Position the Snap-Set™ mounting over the stone and push downward evenly and gently. The prongs of the setting will spread apart just enough to accept the stone, then snap closed over the girdle, securing the stone in place.

3. Gently tighten the prongs, pressing on two opposing prongs at a time as you work your way around the stone.

4. Machine-cut stones should fit into the setting perfectly. Hand-cut stones may require you to slightly adjust the prongs.