How To Change Your Flex Shaft Handpiece

How To Change Your Flex Shaft Handpiece

Changing Foredom handpieces is quick and simple; here's how to change a handpiece with no wasted motion and minimum interruption to your work.

To connect, use a light touch on the foot pedal to slowly rotate the flex shaft.

Place the handpiece over the flex shaft and gently press the two together.

When the key tip of the flex shaft aligns with the slotted drive inside the handpiece, you will see the tool-holding mechanism in the handpiece begin to turn.

When that happens, push the handpiece firmly onto the shaft; you will hear a sharp click when the connection is made.

To disconnect a handpiece, allow the flex shaft to come to a complete stop. Pull sharply on the connection and the handpiece will release. This requires a good deal of pressure, so don't be shy; you won't hurt the flex shaft or the handpiece.