How To Choose the Rolling Mill That's Best For You

How To Choose the Rolling Mill That's Best For You

Know how to choose the rolling mill that's right for the applications you perform most. The right choice will go a long way to ensuring your consistent success.

Hand-powered rolling mills are presented largest to smallest by roller size (150mm, 130mm and 100mm).

Each of the Durston hand-powered mill sizes are available in three configurations: with gear box and extension rollers, with gear box only or with extension rollers only.

The first configuration features both a gear-reduction box that enhances your hand-power, delivering more power with less effort, and extension rollers that offer you more groove sizes.

The second configuration features a gear-reduction box, but no extension rollers. With this configuration, you enjoy smoother, easier rolling that requires less strength from you, but offers fewer options for your milling operations. Top quality at a great price, this configuration is ideal for users who do not need the extra extension rollers.

The third configuration features extension rollers, but no gear-reduction box. With this configuration, you have the expanded versatility of extra milling groove sizes, but turning the handle requires more muscle power from you.