Choose the Right BurLife

Choose the Right BurLife

When cutting metals with burs, files, gravers, saw blades and other tools, it is important to keep the cutting surface lubricated to ensure a smooth cut and to prolong the life of the tool. Often copied but never equaled in either performance or benefits, BurLife® is the best available lubricant for jewelry applications. Like a coating of microscopic ball bearings, BurLife provides a smoother cut with far less friction and more control.

Other lubricants are repelled by heat and draw away from the cutting edge. BurLife is attracted by heat, so the friction and resulting heat produced by saw blades, burs, files and other cutting tools actually draws BurLife to the point of contact, resulting in a better finish. With BurLife, your tools work faster, stay sharper and last longer.

Choose from three formulas:
Original: Available in stick form or bench-mount cartridges that can be used with the Bur-Life portable base.  
Paste: Specially formulated for tasks where surfaces require a complete coating.
Liquid: Penetrates to lubricate; for complex or porous surfaces that may be hard to coat.


For Burs

Increases precision in drilling and grinding and reduces chatter.

Best formula: Original


For Files

 Keeps files cutting clean and increases their cutting life by reducing wear on file surfaces.

Best formula: Original


For Gravers

 Wipe your gravers with BurLife every few cuts.

Best formula: Liquid


For Drawing Wire

Apply to both wire and drawplate to make drawing wire nearly effortless.

Best formula: Liquid


For Saw Blades

Reduces drag and binding during cutting. Blades cut smoother, resist breaking and last up to twice as long. Best formula: Original


For Wheel Dressing

 This ideal wheel dressing provides superior lubrication even under tremendous friction. Abrasive wheels cut smoother and faster.

Best formula: Original


For Stamping and Tap & Die Operations

 Coats surfaces completely for efficient stamping.

Best formula: Any


For Grinding Wheels and Abrasive Belts

 Keeps wheels running cool.

Best formula: Original


For Diamond Drills

 An excellent cooling bath! Dip diamond burs periodically to keep them cool while you work.

Best formula: Liquid


BurLife is also available in a sampler kit so you can try all three varieties to see which one fits your needs best.