Swanstrom Tools

Invest in Your Success with Swanstrom Tools

Swanstrom Tools USA manufactures superior-quality, technically advanced jewelry-making tools that are heat forged from high alloy chrome steel. Rio Grande's exclusive selection of Swanstrom tools include disc and shape cutters, pliers, cutters & shears, forming mandrels and the multi-purpose anvil are designed to consistently deliver the professional results you expect from your Swanstrom metal forming tools.

We offer Swanstrom shape cutters in round (disc), oval, large oval, triangle, heart, square, rectangleteardrop and multi-shape cutter sets along with corresponding centering dies. There are also kits that include a 2-pound, brass-head mallet, a urethane pad and a stick of BurLife® lubricant—everything you need to get going right out of the box.

With features like ergonomically designed Soft Touch handles, Swanstrom pliers and cutters will keep you working comfortably through the day. The double-leaf springs ensure consistent pressure bend after bend and will help you cut through jewelry metals with ease. Our Swanstrom pliers selection includes chain-nose, bent chain-nose, flat-nose, round-nose, a variety of forming pliers and more! When shopping for Swanstrom cutters you will find bevel cuttersflush cutters, semi-flush cutters, super-flush cutters and reverse-angle sprue cutters.

Perform multiple types of smaller forming tasks with the Swanstrom Multi-Purpose Forming Anvil featuring an interchangeable flat striking plate and four interchangeable forming mandrels—two stepped and two tapered. Additional striking plates and a variety of mandrel shapes are available to expand the versatility of this anvil.

When you're looking for quality, trust Swanstrom Tools. Exclusively at Rio Grande, they're the tools you need for the results you want.