Sunshine® Polishing Cloths

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At your bench, in your store or in your customers’ homes—ultra-soft blue, dual sided pink and original yellow Sunshine Polishing Cloths create a jewelry polishing trio that is essential to any shop. Exclusively at Rio Grande.

Enjoy Quick and Easy Finishing, Cleaning and Polishing with Sunshine® Polishing Cloths

Rio Grande's line of Sunshine® cleaning cloths offer three levels of cleaning power—the original yellow Sunshine Cloth, blue Sunshine Soft and pink Sunshine Satin. 

Soft and effective, the original yellow Sunshine® Cloth, with its special micro-abrasive, cleans jewelry and removes tarnish brilliantly! This jewelry polishing cloth safely cleans, removes tarnish and polishes metals, mirrors, glass displays and more.

Exceptionally soft and pliable, the blue Sunshine® Soft polishing cloth features a micro-abrasive that's less aggressive than our original yellow Sunshine Cloth. This jewelry polishing cloth is ideal for more delicate tasks such as cleaning lenses or adding a final polish.

The best of two worlds—a micro-abrasive polishing cloth bonded to a fine-abrasive sanding cloth—the two-sided pink Sunshine® Satin cloth is ideal for aggressive cleaning on one side and fine sanding on the other. The darker-color side is the sanding cloth—ideal for shaping contours, smoothing out surface scratches and producing a smooth satin finish on metal. The lighter-color side is a micro-abrasive polishing cloth that's slightly more aggressive than our original yellow Sunshine Cloth.

You can also harness the power of the original yellow Sunshine® Cloth in a non-scratch jewelry polishing buff that doesn’t require polishing compound. Working with a polishing buff that's already been impregnated with an abrasive compound saves you time and money! 

Don't forget to make Sunshine® Cloth the perfect impulse purchase with eye-catching, countertop dispensers. Each dispenser holds 50 full-size Sunshine cloths rolled in clear plastic tubes. Purchase the display filled with tubes and then order your Sunshine cloth tubes as needed.

Running a busy shop and need to stock up on this amazing trio of cleaning cloths? Sunshine® Cloth is packaged to save you money in these resealable plastic zip-close bulk-packs. Available in packages of 10, 25 or 100 cloths—the bigger the pack the better the savings.