Stone Setting Tools

Stone setting pliers, ring clamp & ring
Achieve cleaner, better and faster stone setting results with our selection of stone setting tools and equipment.
Setting a stone in prongs with Blaine
New Approach School for Jewelers founder Blaine Lewis shares some of his favorite tricks and tool adaptations for easier, faster and cleaner stone setting.
How to Bezel Set Cabochons with Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson teaches bezel-setting, a basic stone setting skill that folds a metal setting over a cabochon, cameo or other stone.

From Bezels to Prongs, We Have the Tools and Equipment You Need for Your Stone Setting

Whether you are setting faceted gemstones in prong settings or securing cabochons or other flat-back stones in bezel settings, Rio Grande is your one-stop shop for all your stone setting tool and equipment needs.

We carry setting punches, as well as ring clamps and fixtures that are designed for wide variety of gemstones and stone setting techniques, making your stone setting tasks easier. Our selection of hand tools and accessories, including center punches, dividers, and stone setting pliers, help you achieve cleaner, better and faster results in your everyday stone setting work.

Securely set your faceted gemstones and achieve smooth, professional finishes on prongs with the beading tools available at Rio Grande. The bezel rollers we offer help you effectively close bezels for your cabochons or other flat-back stones. After setting your stone in the jewelry mounting, use a millgrain tool from Rio Grande to easily add decorative edges and make your stone pop.

Confidently set even the smallest gemstones with the selection of microscopes at Rio Grande. We carry complete packages for the Meiji microscope and the Leica® microscope.

Jewelers who want to expand their stone setting skills or who are just beginning their journey into stone setting, will find stone setting systems and stone setting books and DVDs at Rio Grande.