Stamping Tools for Jewelry

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Whether you are stamping custom designs or adding quality marks to your handcrafted jewelry, you’ll find the stamping tools you need at Rio Grande, including a large selection of ImpressArt® stamps.

Metal stamping
Mark Nelson demonstrates basic metal stamping tips so you can hallmark metal or add quality stamps, branding and design elements to your jewelry.
hands hold ImpressArt Design Stamp
In this video, find useful instructions and professional tips for using ImpressArt® design stamps to get best possible results.

Jewelry Stamps, Stamping Tools, and Accessories You Need

No matter what your jewelry stamping task is, Rio Grande has everything you need to stamp designs onto bracelets, rings, metal work or custom tags. You’ll find a wide selection of metal stamps for jewelry, including marking stamps and design stamps from ImpressArt®.

Easily create and customize a variety of hand-stamped jewelry using ImpressArt® stamps. We offer alphabetic stamp sets and numeric stamp sets available in a variety of fonts, as well as a wide selection of design stamps. While your adding stamps to your toolbox, remember to also get the stamping accessories you need including ImpressArt® strike jigs, storage cases for your ImpressArt stamps, and the ImpressArt hammer.

The jewelry marking stamps available at Rio Grande deliver crisp, detailed surfaces and are great for quickly quality-marking your designs. Our selection includes marking stamps for karat gold (10K stamp, 14K stamp, 18K stamp, 22K stamp, and 24K stamp), silver (925 stamp, 935 stamp, and fine silver stamp) and platinum. Straight marking stamps are perfect for stamping a flat surface on your jewelry, while bent marking stamps are ideal for inside ring stamping.

The ring stamping anvil prevents flat-spotting on ring shanks when you’re quality marking or hallmark stamping. Looking for jewelry marking pliers? We have those too.