Jewelry Soldering & Welding Supplies

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Rio Grande is your one-stop shop for all the supplies, tools and equipment you need for your jewelry soldering and welding tasks.

Stock Your Studio with Jewelry Soldering and Welding Supplies

Whether you are looking to add soldering or welding capabilities to your studio, or stock up on jewelry soldering supplies, Rio Grande has what you need.

Choose from welding systems like Orion or PUK pulse arc welders, fusion welders like the RazzaWeld®, or our exclusive line of Neutec® PulsePoint laser welders. We also carry all the accessories and replacement parts such as Orion tungsten electrodes, PUK electrode set, and fuses for PulsePoint laser welders to keep your welding system running smoothly. Rio Grande offers a range of soldering equipment like fuel-air systems and fuel-oxygen systems. If you are looking for a safe, tank-free soldering or welding solution then check out our hydrogen torch systems.

Our selection of soldering accessories includes charcoal blocks (soft and hard), ceramic blocks, third hands, soldering picks, and rotating soldering block stations. We also have a great variety of sheet solder, chip solder, wire solder, and paste solder, as well as flux and pickle.

Protect the cleanliness and safety of those in your shop with a quality fume extraction system.

If you need help selecting the tools and equipment that best meet your production needs, the Rio Grande Jewelry Tech Team can answer any question.