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How to Use Dynasty Stamps and Embeddables
Creating beautifully textured BRONZclay designs and firing them with innovative Embeddables® is easyjust follow these instructions!
La Mer Charm Bracelet Instructions
Learn how to use Dynasty Stamps and COPPRclay to make a gorgeous sea life charm bracelet.
How To Make a Linked Byzantine Chain-Mail Bracelet
Join the chain mail revolution! Use these simple instructions to make a Linked Byzantine chain mail bracelet.
How To Make Metal Clay Beads Using a Two-Part Mold
Follow these simple instructions to make custom metal clay beads using a two-part mold!
Safe Handling Procedures For Moissanite
Read this instruction sheet to learn how to properly set moissanite and avoid chipping or breaking the stone.
Multi-Metal Cascade Earrings, Idea Project
From their sterling silver filigree components through the cascade of base metal chain to their charming round patterned drops, these earrings deliver a flood of color and style for this idea project from Rio Grande!
Poppin' Color Packaging 'n' Display Idea Tip
Customers can't help but feel happy carrying out their purchases in this packaging idea that's just popping with bright colorsit's like a holiday in their hands!

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