Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment for Jewelry Making
Rio Grande offers a complete line of safety equipment, accessories and supplies to help ensure your safety and the safety of those who work in your shop.
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Ensure Your Safety and The Safety of Those in Your Shop

Rio Grandes takes the safety of our customers extremely seriously. That's why we offer a complete line of safety equipment, accessories and supplies so working jewelers can focus on creating beautiful jewelry designs.

Cotton aprons are great for protecting you and your clothes from dust and debris during general finishing tasks, while leather aprons offer protection against sharp edges and heat, making them ideal for your soldering and welding tasks. We carry a rubber apron that is acid-resistant for protection against hazardous chemical spills and splashes. Defend your clothes and skin from molten metal during casting and other processes involving heated metal with our heat resistant safety apron .

Keep your fingers and hands safe from heat, acids and other chemicals with our selection of gloves and skin protectors, including leather forefinger guards, rhino finger skins, rubber gloves, heat-resistant gloves, and more. Are you looking for Alligator skin protective tape or 3M coban wrap? We have those too.

The eye protection at Rio Grande includes both safety glasses and safety goggles—we also carry a lightweight face shield that is great for your grinding, polishing or drilling tasks.

Create awe-inspiring jewelry designs while you're breathing easy with our selection of respirator and filters. For jewelry makers working with high levels of dust and debris, we offer a 3M full-face respirator and a 3M half-face respirator, along with 3M replacement filters for the respirators.