Neutec® Casting and Laser-Welding Equipment

Learn how jeweler-designed Neutec® machines deliver dependable, repeatable results.

Cutting edge meets old school in Rio Grande’s Neutec® machines. Designed by experienced jewelers, all Neutec models use real-time adaptive processing for unparalleled temperature control and repeatability. Neutec machines are manufactured in Rio Grande’s solar-powered facility, and we rely on Neutec for our own casting operations. Learn more how this family of machines works for businesses of all sizes.

How Can Neutec® Help You Cast?

What Do Jewelers Think?

In my forty-five years of involvement with lost wax jewelry casting…the Flowlogic® machine has been the best I have experienced…The Flowlogic casting machine has enabled us to maintain a casting success rate near 99%…The Flowlogic is the right casting equipment for production jewelry."

—Scott Jordan, Jeweler
Kabana–Handcrafted Fine Jewelries

The [Neutec®] 720™ casting machine has enhanced our production capabilities by increasing our ability to use various flask sizes…the melting time between pours is very quick…digital displays are very user-friendly…Neutec has serviced our machines for years on an annual preventive schedule. This has reduced our overall down time."

—Phillip Child
Group Leader, Cast Awards, O. C. Tanner

Comparing Neutec Casting Machines
This is a convenient side-by-side comparison chart to offer you a quick look at the Neutec casting equipment from Rio Grande.
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Learn how jeweler-designed Neutec® machines deliver dependable, repeatable results.

Neutec® Creative Technology from Rio Grande

Neutec® designs, builds and supports casting and laser-welding equipment for jewelers, making productivity, efficiency and quality a reality. Innovative technologies in casting equipment, grain-making machines and laser-welders make Neutec a world leader in jewelry manufacturing equipment and supplies.

Consider the Neutec® 610™, 615™ and the new large-capacity 720™ casting machines—with Flowlogic® technology, Neutec saves you both time and money, while providing high-quality, high-production, reliable and repeatable jewelry casting results.

High-performance casting supplies such as the NeuSprue® sprue & two-piece base system, the SuperPerf™ line of flasks, and high-grade graphite consumables further improve casting quality in every cast.

Neutec® laser-welders for jewelers provide powerful laser-welding capability with all the technological and engineering benefits you need for precision jewelry welding—especially for jobs that cannot be done any other way. Whether you choose one of the tabletop PulsePoint™ Studio models or the heavy-duty PulsePoint™ Plus 140, you have a jewelry laser-welder that meets both simple and demanding work needs.