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Assortment of jewelry hammers and mallets
Whether you are forming, riveting, raising, chasing or texturing, you’ll find the right hammer or mallet for the task at hand at Rio Grande.
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Each hammer or mallet we carry is designed for a specific purpose or application. Here are some of the different types and their uses.

No Matter What Your Jewelry-Making Task Is, There’s a Hammer (or Mallet) for It at Rio Grande

To all the jewelry makers, metalsmiths, silversmiths and goldsmiths …

You know how vital it is for your production work that you have the right hammer or mallet in your hand for the jewelry-making task you are performing. With the right tool in your grasp as you create works of art, things feel better, your muscles allow you to work longer, and your production efficiency is increased. That’s why Rio Grande is dedicated to carrying every type of hammer or mallet you need to effectively forge finished jewelry.

We carry Fretz® hammers including the Jewelers line, Silversmith line, PercisionSmith line and Maker® line, as well as German-made Peddinghaus hammers. Both are available in a variety of head types and face shapes.

Jewelry makers will find a wide selection of hammer styles such as ball peen hammers, chasing hammers, embossing hammers, riveting hammers, texturing hammers, and more at Rio Grande. And if you’re looking for hammer assortments, we have those too.

Rio Grande offers urethane forming hammers from Bonny Doon that add hydraulic force to hand-forming metal, allowing makers to create custom shapes with fewer strikes. Additional head inserts are available separately for these revolutionary hammers.

With large heads and flat faces, mallets are great for forming, bending and shaping metal. The selection of mallets at Rio Grande includes brass mallets, plastic mallets and rawhide mallets.