Coin Ring Making Tools

Assortment of Rings
Create beautiful coin rings with the complete collection of coin ring making tools available at Rio Grande

Create Wearable Collectible Keepsake Rings From Nearly Any Coin or Round Disc

People have been making and wearing jewelry made from coins for almost as long as coins have been around. Now, with innovative coin ring making tools from Jason's Works, making eye-catching rings from coins is easier than ever before. Create beautiful coin rings from nearly any coin quickly and professionally with the full line of coin ring making tools available at Rio Grande.

Learn the basics of coin ring-making with Jason's Works Auto Coin Ring Starter Kit or the Jason's Works Classic Coin Ring Starter Kit. Then hone your skill by adding different size punch & die sets, reduction dies, folding cones, plungers and more. Or go big with the complete Jason's Works Deluxe Coin Ring Master Set which includes the Jason's Works Auto-Punch Coin Ring Housing Set, Punch & Die Set, Jason's Works Coin Ring Reduction Die Set, Jason's Works Swedish Wrap Coin Ring Master Set, and the Jason's Works Stabilizer Folding Cone and Stretcher Set.

Create keepsake jewelry from nearly any travel souvenir coin, commemorative coin, medallion or round disc with the easy to use, durable coin ring making tools, kits and accessories from Rio Grande.