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magnifying and optical
Home > Remove tools and equipment > Remove magnifying and optical
8 results | 1 pages
How To Use CraftOptics Binocular Telescopes
See our popular CraftOptics® binocular telescopes in action! You can choose your own magnification and the glasses have the perfect working depth for bench jewelers.
Tips & Tricks for Owners of CraftOptics Telescopes
Get more out of your new CraftOptics® Telescopes with the tips and tricks in this video from the manufacturer!
Why Jewelers Love the Donegan OptiVISOR
Find out from the jewelers who love them why the Donegan OptiVISOR® is among the tools they would not be without!
How To
Adjusting Obrira Binoculars
Learn how to adjust your Obrira binoculars to get a crystal-clear view of every detail of your finest work.
How To
Comparing Loupes
How to select the perfect loupe to help you do your best work.
CraftOptics Special Order Form
Use this form to provide the necessary information to have your CraftOptics® Telescopes custom-fitted with your prescription lenses.
GemOro CZ Master Set Pro
This CZ Master Set Pro from GemOro just may be the last color-comparison set you ever need to judge your diamonds. Learn why in this how to.
How To
How To Understand Loupe Terminology
Understanding how to interpret the terminology around loupes is essential to making a good choice when buying a loupe.

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