Formlabs Form 3

Formlabs Form 3 printer

Meticulous Prints, from Prototype to Production

Streamline your workflow and trim costs when you bring 3D printing in-house. The Form 3 creates meticulous prints using Low Force Stereolithography, a completely re-engineered approach to resin-based printing. From custom prototypes to directly castable models, the Form 3 will equip your jewelry business to exceed expectations and meet demand.

Coming Summer 2019!

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Low Force Stereolithography creates models with smooth surfaces and tear-away supports, reducing finishing time. Modular accessories make it quick and easy to scale production for busy season or your growing business.

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Integrated sensors maintain a precise, dense laser spot for non-stop printing and consistent performance. Spend precious time perfecting designs instead of printer settings.

Hyperboloid iconAccessible

The Form 3 is engineered for stress-free maintenance at an affordable price point. Initial set up takes 15 minutes, and foolproof design makes it easy to replace components. Technical support and online resources help optimize your workflow.

Button press iconVersatile

Produce prototypes for your customers and print directly castable models with a single printer—and switch materials in seconds with a simple cartridge system.

Formlabs Form 3 printer

Formlabs Form 3

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