Rio Grande’s extensive selection of jewelers files, including Friedrich Dick and Glardon Vallorbe®makes it easy for you to find the right file for any jewelry-making task.
How to Choose the Right File
Understanding how to choose the appropriate jeweler's file for the work you do will help ensure high-quality, repeatable results.
BurLife Best Lubricant
Choose BurLife for the best jewelry lubricant available to jewelers and select the most effective formula of BurLife for your task.

Work Easier and More Efficiently with the Right File for the Job

Each type and shape of file is designed to perform a different task and having the right file for the job not only makes your jewelry-making tasks easier and more efficient, it also allows you to achieve better results. Whether you are looking for Friedrich Dick or Glardon Vallorbe® files, you’ll find the files, handles and accessories you need at Rio Grande.

We offer a variety of diamond files, escapement files, hand files, needle files, riffler files, ceramic files and wax files. Our selection includes file shapes such as barette, checkering, crossing, equaling, flat, half-round, half-round ring, knife, oval, pillar, round, slitting, square, three-square and warding so you can find the file shape you need to achieve the best results. The Glardon Vallorbe® micro files Rio Grande carries are ideal for accessing detailed, hard-to-reach areas and for use with hammer handpieces.

If you’re looking for consistency or you’re setting up a new work area, we also carry a variety of file sets.