Swarovski® Crystals

Swarovski Beads
Swarovski® Crystals collection features a wide variety of innovative styles designed to add color, dimension and that unique flash of spark that Swarovski is known for.
Searovski Topaz
Rio Grande’s partnership with Swarovski Gemstones™ brings you a fresh, expanded line of colored and white topaz gemstones. Learn more about these sparkling colors that are certified as 58% more brilliant that the market standard.

Swarovski® Crystals Faceted Beads Offer Remarkable Color and Brilliance to Your Designs

Since its inception over a century ago, the brand Swarovski® has been synonymous with brilliant sparkle. Rio Grande’s selection of Swarovski Crystals makes it easy to add sparkling brilliance to your jewelry designs.

Create single- or multi-color beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets or earring drops with round beads or combine them with other Swarovski Crystals beads like faceted tapered beads and faceted saucer briolette beads.

Create eye-catching pendants or earring drops with Swarovski® Crystals briolette drops and pendants, pear briolette pendants, baroque pendants or queen baguette pendants—faceted around their entire surface and available in a rainbow of colors. And for added dimension, look for Swarovski® Crystals square pendants and faceted cosmic rings.

Check out our Swarovski® Crystals rivoli stones, flat-back spheres and flat-back crystals. And for a classic, elegant look choose Swarovski Crystals simulated pearls—the only pearls in the world created with a quality Austrian crystal nucleus and deep, lustrous, long lasting pearlized coating.