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With their unique luster, pearls make any jewelry featuring this coveted queen of gems a timeless heirloom. Find a sea of possibilities with the selection of half-drilled and full-drilled pearls at Rio Grande.

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String of Swarovski® Pearls
Cultured pearls offer classic luster and are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and drill types. Read this article to learn about this coveted queen of gems.
the pearl is back and the rules have changed
Read this article to learn about four ways to incorporate pearls into your modern jewelry designs.

The World Is Your Oyster with Pearls from Rio Grande

Whether you are creating classic pearl jewelry, or you are reinventing the pearl through your modern designs, you’ll find the perfect pearl at Rio Grande.

Our cultured freshwater pearls are available in a wide variety of colors, including brown, gray, pink, purple and white. If you want to add a little drama to your jewelry designs, then check out our selection of black pearls. Rio Grande offers both full-drilled pearls and half-drilled pearls.

Often considered the classic pearl, Akoya saltwater cultured pearls, one type of Japanese pearls, are available in white and black.

Not sure what pearl color you want, but know what shape of pearl you need? We have commonly used shapes such as round pearls, potato pearls and rice pearls. Our button pearls are great for your earring designs. Rio Grande also carries coin pearls, baroque pearls, diamond-shaped pearls, as well as other special shapes.

Our pearl bead strands are great for creating traditional pearl necklaces; they are available in seven different shapes, including round and potato.