American Mined™ Collection

Supply Manager Becky Scheffler and Product Manager Kevin Whitmore share their experience visiting the source of the American Mined™ Montana Sapphire™.
American Mined Collection
Explore the expanding American Mined collection of faceted stones, cabochons and beads with a documented path from the mine to your bench.

Mined in America. Demanded By Jewelers.

Developed for jewelers and metalsmiths who believe the source matters, the American Mined™ Collection offers faceted stones, beads and cabochons ethically sourced in the United States by companies who share our pledge to the planet. The result is a collection of high-quality gems with a clear, documentable path from the mine to your bench. As we develop new relationships with mines across America, the collection continues to grow, spanning the spectrum from deep purple to pale white in a wide variety of shapes and cuts.

Every gemstone in the American Mined™ Collection has been chosen specifically for its quality, clarity and presentation of color. Discover the fiery red of Lake County Fire Opal™ from Oregon, the incredible clarity of Arkansas Ice Quartz™ mined in Blue Springs, Arkansas, the saturated pink of Rodeo Queen Ruby™ from the eastern foothills of Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains, several shades of American Mined™ turquoise and much more. You and your customers can be confident that every stone is mined, cut and processed under conditions that meet all standards for worker safety, environmental protection and responsible production. Check back often for new additions and introduce the American Mined™ Collection to your most discerning clients.