Center Stone Collection

Customize Your Designs with Exclusive Center Stones

One-of-a-kind finds, each stone in the Center Stone Collection is specially cut to maximize its larger size and preserve its saturated color. Offered in rare sizes and a variety of cuts, these exclusive stones command attention and provide exclusivity to your designs.

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Hand-Picked by Our Expert Gemologists

Our in-house Gem Source team examines, identifies and assesses each gemstone in our Center Stone Collection to ensure that you are getting the quality you pay for. Explore the stunning selection of center stones, each expertly sourced and evaluated, and receive authentication documentation for each stone you select.

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A Rio Grande gemologist inspecting a gemstone

Three brightly colored gemstones

Unique and Exclusive.
Just Like Your Designs.

Set your designs apart with one-of-a-kind gemstones from our Center Stone Collection. Rare in size and beautiful in color, no stone is the same—ideal for lending exclusivity to your work. Learn more about our ever-changing selection.

Center Stone Collection

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