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How To
Installing the Adjustable Ring Shank
See how easy it is to install the jointed, adjustable ring shank on your customers' rings--it may just turn out to be the most comfortable and versatile expanding ring shank available.
How To
Comfort Fit Rings and Wedding Bands
Know how to explain the benefits of Comfort Fit rings and wedding bands to customers.
How To
How To Use the Interchangeable Bead Ring
These simple instructions will show you how easy it is to add a bead to this interchangeable ring mounting and how quickly you can change beads to give customers a whole new look!
Sterling Silver Rounded Box Chain Ring How-To Inspirations Project
Some sterling silver box chain soldered to a simple ring band creates bold style. Learn how in this project from Rio Grande.
Cushion-Cut Lemon Quartz Ring, Idea Project
A pre-notched ReadySet ring mounting holds a gorgeous checkerboard faceted, cushion-cut stone in this idea project from Rio Grande.
RingCore Rings Project
See how easy it is to use RingCore band rings as the starting point for your metal clay ring designs in this project from Rio Grande.
How To
How To Apply Ring Guard Ring Sizers
Use these simple instructions to quickly and effectively apply ring guard ring sizers to adjust your customers' rings.
Rings Size Comparison Chart
Refer to this ring size chart to determine equivalent ring sizes across a variety of standards used by countries around the world as well as the each ring size in millimeters and inches.
Three-Stone Rubellite and Moissanite Ring, Idea Project
Set with Forever Brilliant moissanite accent stones and a rubellite center stone, this idea project from Rio Grande is just the thing for July birthdays and a variety of holiday and celebration gift-giving.
Sterling Silver and Topaz Ring, Idea Project
A sterling silver ring mounting with gold accents is set with an oval Anastasia topaz gemstone in this idea project from Rio Grande.
Sterling Silver and Blue Topaz Ring, Idea Project
A sterling silver ring mounting with open filigree sides is set with an oval Swiss blue topaz gemstone in this idea project from Rio Grande.
Sterling and Amethyst Checkerboard Ring, Idea Project
A highly polished sterling silver ring mounting and an eye-catching checkerboard-faceted, cushion-cut amethyst gemstone deliver a breath-takiing ring in this design idea from Rio Grande.
Sun Ray CZ Ring, Idea Project
Set with a luscious Sun Ray CZ, this sterling silver ReadySet ring idea project from Rio Grande makes a simple, elegant addition to your jewelry line.
Light Rose Swarovski Elements Crystal Beaded Ring, Idea Project
Create a show-stopping beaded ring using Swarovski Elements crystal beads in this idea project fro Rio Grande.

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